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The Logging Insurance experts focused on the Southeastern US  for the last 20+ years .

We have the expereince

The staff at Longleaf Forestry Insurance has 20+ years writing policies for forestry contractors across the USA. Find out more about us.

Options, Options, Options...

The forestry insurance market has been volatile over the past few years. The leaders of Longleaf have spent countless hours making sure you have many choices for all your lines of forestry insurance.

Only the best Agents

We work with a select few independent expert logging insurance agents across the Southeast. We know who understands the industry inside and out, and they are the agents who represent us.

Types of Logging Insurance We Offer

Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto insurance covers the logging vehicle (service vehicles and tractor/trailers), as well as the driver and any other motorists who have been injured after an accidental tipping or logging load loss.

Inland Marine

Inland Marine insurance provides protection agains damage to logging industry equipment. This includes loaders, skidders, feller bunchers, processers, and dozers.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a type of insurance policy that increases the normal limits of your standard liability policies to a higher ammount. This increased ammount will provide better protection for you from major claims or lawsuits.

General Liability

Commercial General Liability insurance provides coverage that many insurance companies do not – fire or chemical damage, over-cutting and damage incurred from loading or unloading.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property insurance covers the damage to your property. For example, if a fire started, a pipe burst, or a tornado hit your facility, this insurance would protect you .

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance protects you from employees who are injured on the job.  It will pay for lost wages and medical bills until the employee is able to return to work.  We have self reporting options as well as pay as you go.

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Family Owned & Operated

Family is important in the forestry industry. Often times our clients are 2nd and 3rd generations. As a 2nd generation insurance provider we understand the importance of having family who want their business to succeed. That’s one of the main reasons we try and treat every client like they were one of our own.

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Safety Matters

Being a part of the forestry insurance industry for so many years has allowed us to see both the best and worst logging operations out there. It is our goal to make sure all our clients have the tools to keep themselves and their crews safe.

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Exclusive Agents

The forestry insurance industry is full of insurance agents who claim they understand your business. We have even dealt with some of them in the past. Most of our exclusive agents today are either ex-loggers, foresters or have worked in the forestry business. This helps us make sure you are dealing with someone who understands your business..

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We Walk the Walk

Our senior management takes part in a wide range of forestry related associations and non-profits. Examples include the American Loggers Council and Team Safe Trucking. Our goal is to make sure we understand the difficulties, besides insurance, that you face on a daily basis.

About Longleaf Forestry


Custom Coverage

Our history and exposure to the forestry industry allows us to create insurance products that matter. Pollution, over cut, and covering newer drivers are some examples. We make sure our policies are always designed with your business in mind.


Years In Forestry Insurance

What We Do

 Help Forestry/Logging contractors protect their businesses.

Who We Are

A multi-generational family business just like yours.


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Generations In Forestry Insurance

Our Territory

The South is where our hearts belong and where we exclusively do business.

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Insuring Logging contractors is what we do.  We understand how tough your job is and will do our part to make dealing with insurance easy.

We Care

In the logging industry the threat of injury or loss of life is ever-present. You need an insurance company that will not only protect your business, but also you, your employees, and family.

Customized Insurance

At Longleaf we make sure our policies fit the specific insurance needs of the Forestry Industry. Offering over cut, fire damage, pollution, etc. to protect your operation to the fullest.

The Best of the Best

You should have peace of mind by dealing with our exclusive Longleaf agents. From this small, experienced group you will be buying insurance from the best in the country.

The Long Haul

Which by the way I hope none of you are doing, there is no money in hauling wood that far. Every year we commit to the industry. We have invested time and money in safety and educational resources. This investment is to make sure we both are around to pass on our businesses to the next generation.

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