Use our Online Claim Filing Tool below, to file a claim immediately !

Online Insurance Claims Filing

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Please note: If the claim is of a serious nature please call (855) LOGLOSS for an immediate response.

All claims should be reported to North American Risk Services (NARS) as soon after the loss as possible while information is fresh.  An adjuster will be assigned to the claim, and after reviewing the information provided will make personal contact. A claim acknowledgement will be transmitted identifying the claim number and assigned claims adjuster.

The Online Claims Tool will make sure you get the fastest response for non-serious claims but if you would like to submit claims via another method, the contact information is below:

North American Risk Services

Telephone: (855) LOGLOSS

Facsimile: (866) 261-8507

E-Mail: [email protected]

Regular Mail:

North American Risk Services

P.O. Box 166002

Altamonte Springs, FL 32716-6002

Attn: New Loss Unit