Commercial Auto Logging Insurance covers the log truck, pickups and any other vehicles owned by the company that you want insured. Commercial auto insurance is acts much like personal auto insurance. It includes basic insurance coverage such as, liability, comprehensive, collision and others. Our Commercial Auto Logging Insurance coverage's are specific to the loggers business vehicles and what they do on a daily basis.

"When you are carrying a 90,000 LB load you do not want to worry about insurance."

Longleaf’s Commercial Auto policy covers other motorists injured in an accident. If one of your drivers tips a load and total’s your truck, our policy can cover you. Beyond the basics our specialized policy has options that include : cleanup after a fuel spill from a loader trailer, cleanup of logs laying in the road, and more.

commercial auto logging insurance


General Liability Forestry Insurance provides basic coverage for claims that harm others. These claims involve damage to others property or an injury to someone who isn’t an employee. The basics are not enough when it comes to the forestry industry.

"A basic General Liability policy excludes Logging and Lumbering."
Jeremiah P. O'Donovan

If you have made it to this page you know at Longleaf Forestry Insurance we are way beyond basic. Our custom General Liability Logging Insurance policy covers items that others do not. A few examples are: fire or chemical damage, over-cut and damage to someone else’s truck from loading or unloading at the Sawmill. There are also options to cover Set-Out Trucks that aren’t licensed for road use. This makes our General Liability Logging Insurance policy the best in the business.


Logging Equipment Insurance covers damaged or missing logging equipment. In most cases these policies pay claims on a replacement cost or actual cash value basis. If you choose actual cash value it is important to get the present values on your as accurate as possible. Make sure you check the values on your Skidders, Loaders, Bunchers and Dozers.

"A contractors equipment insurance policy can cover more than heavy equipment."
Jeremiah P. O'Donovan
A Longleaf Logging Equipment Insurance policy has the ability to cover other items. Examples of this are small tools, employees’ equipment, and leased or borrowed equipment. In most claims not fixing the damaged piece of equipment will put your job behind schedule. Our Logging Equipment policy can pay for expediting the delivery of the part or piece of equipment that will put you back on track.


Effective December 1st, 2018 we will begin offering Workers Compensation. This product will only be distributed through a select group of our existing agents. In states where others offer production rates, we have filed and been approved to do the same.

No Logger wants to see a crew member injured, but accidents happen all the time. If someone gets hurt on the job, your Logging Workers Comp policy has you covered. This policy will make it possible to provide complete medical care benefits and lost wages until your employee returns to work.

"Many people don’t realize that they are legally obligated to make sure they provide a safe workplace for their employees"

Jeremiah P. O'Donovan

We all know how dangerous logging can be even if you are a completely mechanized operation. In that situation it is your truck drivers who are more at risk than your in-woods employees. Our team of safety engineers will make sure meet that safety requirement. We have all the options covered from production reporting to payroll. A safer workplace along with a Longleaf Workers Comp Logging Insurance Policy will give you peace of mind knowing that protection is in place.



Today’s society is not afraid of bringing legal action. All you need to do is drive across I-20 or up I-95 and wherever Loggers are working a lawyers billboard is not far away. A Longleaf Logging Umbrella policy gives you extra protection on top of your existing policies.
"Most maximum limits of insurance have not increased in over 20 years."
Jeremiah P. O'Donovan

What this means is that while the price of medical care, legal bills, truck parts, etc. went up, your insurance limits stayed the same. A dollar today buys much less than it did 20 years ago. In the end this means sometime very soon the lawyers will get tired of just going for the 1 Million Limit and will come after you, the owner, personally. Don’t let that happen. Give yourself the extra protection buy purchasing a Longleaf Logging Insurance Policy through one of our exclusive agents.




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